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Check your name in Tamil Nadu Voters list 2014 online & get polling booth address by SMS

Steps to check your name online in Tamil Nadu voters list for election 2014

 Gone are the days when one had to visit the polling station in their area to verify his/her name in the voters list to cast their vote. Now it has been made simple and from the comfort of your home, you can check your name in the voters list or by sending sms.

 Here is the procedure to find your name online in Tamil Nadu voter list 2014.

 Visit official website of Tamil Nadu Election Commission at and click search electoral rolls which directs to a page where you can search your name in voters list in Tamil Nadu.

 You are provided with various options to find your name in Tamil Nadu electoral rolls as follows.

 If you have your voter id number then click on the link search your name with EPIC number. Enter your ID card number and click submit to see whether your name has been included in the updated voters list 2014 in Tamil Nadu.

 Another option gives you to search your name in Tamil in Tamil Nadu Voters list. For this click the link Search electoral rolls in Tamil. Here you have to choose your District name and corresponding assembly constituency. Then you can find your name either through EPIC number or by your name or by Polling booth or Street Name.

 To view Tamil Nadu voters list 2014 in pdf format in Tamil, select the link View electoral rolls in Tamil Pdf format, where you need to enter choose District name and Assembly Constituency.

 Also the Tamil Nadu election commission website has provided Tamil Nadu voters list 2014 in pdf format in English for Chennai Assembly Constituencies.

 If you want your name to be included in the list you can fill Form 6 which is the online application for inclusion of name in Voters list in Tamil Nadu for which the online registration to apply voters id in Tamil Nadu is provided on the official website of Tamil Nadu Election Commission.

How to locate polling booth address in Tamil Nadu by SMS to cast your vote

 Photo voter slip in Tamil Nadu will be given by the Booth Level Officer five days before the polling date. If you have not received your photo voter slip, then you may collect it from the facilitation counter on the polling date in the respective polling station.

 Now you might be looking for how to locate your polling booth in Tamil Nadu to cast your vote. Just an sms will do. See how to send an sms to know your polling booth address in Tamil Nadu.

 Type EPIC, give one space and type your voter id number (EPICVoter ID Card Number) and send it to 9444123456.

 You will get sms on polling booth information like Assembly Constituency Number along with Constituency Name, Part (Booth) Number, Sl No., your First and Last Name and Polling Booth Address.

 Those who already have voters id in Tamil Nadu can check your name in latest voter list in Tamil Nadu by sending your voter id number by sms to the above mentioned number on the given format.

One Response to “How to Check Name in Voter List Online in TamilNadu | Electoral Information online status 2014 | Tamilnadu Polling Stations Booths in SMS | Election Duty Online List in Tamilnadu”

  1. A Software Powerhouse ?

    Yesterday , when I went to polling booth , there was a chaos , with a number of people complaining that their names were missing from the Electoral Rolls ( Voter Lists )

    As per news-reports , in Mumbai alone , some 50,000 people returned home without casting their votes - including Deepak Parekh ! Altogether , names of some 15 lakh voters ( out of a total of 98 lakh ) were missing !

    Then there are some 300 million people who will simply won't walk down to the nearest polling booths , and wait for 1 hour to cast their votes ( - assuming that some 40 % of the 814 million eligible voters do not exercise their right to vote )

    WHY ?

    Going out to vote is becoming a big hassle


    Sure , if Central Government and the Election Commission care to implement my suggestion for developing a mobile App for voting . I called it , VotesApp

    see ..

    Or , just type in Google , " VotesApp "


    > No need for 930,000 polling booths / EVMs / Ink / Papers etc
    Every voter's own mobile becomes a miniature EVM !
    Any registered Voter can vote from anywhere in the World !

    > Nor any need to deploy 1,100,000 people to conduct the polls

    > No need for millions of Police / Military personnel

    > No need for months of advance preparations, across entire country

    > Voting can be completed in just ONE day - instead of over 6 weeks -
    and results can be declared next day !

    > Voting could be 95 % or more !

    > No worry for booth-capture

    > No bogus voting ( Bio-metric ID from built-in camera )

    > No duplicate voting ( Self-destruct after single usage )

    > No worry for any terrorist attacks

    > Enormous saving of time for Voters

    > No need to declare a public holiday - costing thousands of crores
    worth of production

    > Central Government will save, at least , Rs 2,000 Crores .

    If business-friendly BJP government comes to power , it would not
    hesitate to earn Rs 20,000 crores , by enabling 15 million Indian
    businesses to advertise to 814 million voters , thru this mobile VotesApp -
    sharply targeting by Gender / Age / Marital Status / City / Street /
    Education / Income Tax paid / Employed or Jobless ..etc

    > No need for Central Government to stop taking even routine decisions

    If a tiny country like Estonia ( population 1.6 million ) can elect its Members of Parliament thru a VotesApp type mobile App , why can't we ?

    Already 900+ million Indians have mobiles - all of which , will soon become Smart Phones

    And we call our country , a " Software Powerhouse " !

    * hemen parekh ( 25 April 2014 / Mumbai )


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