Whatsapp: Vijayadashmi - Dussehra 2013 Ceremony Live Ramlila Maidan Rawan Dahan | Raavan Dahan from Ramilia Maidan on Vijayadasami Dussehra

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Ramlila Maidan is located in Chandni Chowk situated in Delhi. It is the finest play showing the life story of Lord Rama, basically the struggle between Ravan and Ram. They used to show this play with various new technologies. Modernization is part of life we can also feel it in Ramlila. Prime Minister of India along with other ministers go to Ramlila Maidan to celebrate this ceremony. Statue of Ravan is about 150 feet high which is quite visible from far away. Stay updated with us on Happy Vijaya Dashmi 2013, Send free sms to your friends and relatives. We will be updating songs, peoms, sms wishes and wallpapers.

Marathmoli Sanskruti Apli,
Marathmola Bana, Marathmoli manase apan,
marathmoli mati,
ashich chirantar raho hi apuli premal nati!


Wish to get vijay over odds of life at this Vijayadashmi. Happy D.P.


Celebrate The Victory Of
The Force Of Good Over Evil.
Lets Celibrate An Auspicious Day To Begin New Thing In Life.
Happy Dussera.


A Gentle Reminder
About The Consequences Of Fooling Around With Someone Else’s Wife..



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