Video: Kieron Pollard Dropped Catches IPL 2013 | Mumbai Indians Vs Chennai Super Kings IPL Highlights Catch drop Video Download Hat-Trick

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IPL match played between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings, Kieron Pollard had a hat-trick, a hat-trick which surely he would like to forget as soon as possible and this hat-trick was of dropping catches.

He dropped catch of Michael Hussey for three times in three balls in the first over of the Chennai Super Kings with Mitchell Johnson bowling for Mumbai Indians.

But then he returned and made some redemption by taking a well-judged diving catch at the same point position to see the back of in-form Suresh Raina.

Below we describe you this this hat-trick of dropped catches ….

4th Ball of the Over : Shortish delivery, outside off, Hussey cuts it uppishly through point and Pollard fails to grab it on the leap.

5th Ball of the Over : Bit fuller outside off ball, Hussey punches it uppishly through backward point. The ball comes in and pops out of Pollard’s hands.

6th Ball of the Over : Shortish delivery, outside off, Hussey cuts uppishly through backward point again and this time it was the easiest of chances for Pollard. He failed to grab it with the reverse cup in front of his face and the ball went on to strike him on the nose.
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