Schools and Colleges Declared Holiday due to Rain Tomorrow Tamilnadu Villupuram

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Heavy rain is reported from many places in Tamil Nadu especially south tamil nadu, cuddalore, vilupuram and chennai district.

Schools in Cuddalore, Chennai declared holidays tomorrow due to heavy rain.

Heavy rain will continue until Sunday Night 21st october or Monday 22nd october 2012. Heavy rain is expected to start again by the end of next week

Atleast 14 people were died due to heavy rain in Tamil Nadu as per latest reports.

Many roads in Tamil Nadu are waterlogged due to improper management of drainage facilities by Tamil Nadu Governement. Current TN government is causing more problem in power cut, improper drainage facility.

Due to water logged in roads, pedestrians are disturbed as they are not able to walk in platforms. It is also causing heavy traffic Jam in roads inside cities. Improper Drainage facility in Tamil Nadu will lead to increase in mosquitoes which will lead to increase in Dengue fever in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu government needs to take necessary steps to resolve problems like power cut, drainage facility, steps to implement underground drainage in small towns, villages.

Marakaanam in Villupuram district received heavy rain  maximum of 12 cm.

Following is 15 days weather forecast  report for Gobichettipalayam Starting from Today october 20th 2012.

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