New TamilNadu Auto Fares - Chennai Auto Rickshaw Meter GPS Fares | Tamilnadu new auto rickshaw meter rates | what is the rate for 7 km auto fare in chennai

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Tamil Nadu government has finally fixed the fares of the auto rickshaws in Chennai City. With a minimum fare of Rs 25 for the first 1.8 KM and Rs 12 per KM thereafter, and Night fare of 50% more than daytime fare, the 71,470 Autos in the city will mandatory to have meters fixed in them. Waiting charges would be Rs 3.50 for every 5 minutes and Rs 42/hr.

The new fare would come into force immediately , Auto drivers have time till September 15 to collect rate cards from the regional transport offices. And get their auto meters calibrated by October 15.

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha also said her government will spend Rs 80 Crores to install GPS enabled meters with printer, that ensures the commuters get to pay exact fare, also the autos can be monitored. The new meters will also have a panic button, that the commuters can use if they see any danger. A press on the panic button will notify the police control room.The Permits of drivers will be cancelled and their vehicle seized if proper meter rates are not charged.

Drivers of the vehicles have to reset their meters by October 15, the official said.

New Auto Rickshaw Rates in Chennai :

•Minimum Rate – Rs. 25 (for 1.8 Km)
•After 1.8 km – Rs 12 per each km
•Waiting Charge – Rs. 3.50 per 5 minutes.
•Night Rates: From 11 pm to 5 am – 50% more charges will be collected

Apart from this, the government has decided to Global Positioning System (GPS) based meters on all autos in Chennai. Government will take care of all charges for installing.

Government has also said that license of Auto Driver who violate this new rate rule will be cancelled. A common complaint phone number will be displayed in all autos for registering complaints.

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  1. dear fellows,even government has taking some measures to control the hike of the auto rickshaw fares,but the auto drivers are not ready to use meters except some (for 100 only 5 are using) if we ask them they are simply regreting, then what is the use of positioning meters gps etc., for min 3 km they are asking more than 70 Rs. It should be take care by the government. i hope it will

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