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Now Phaneesh Murthy admits to relationship with employee. But is there any conspiracy against him to blackmail him to catch his weak point on sexual matter?

Is there conspiracy again against Phaneesh Murthy through the allegations of sexual harassment?

Is that a case of extortion only as said by Phaneesh himself?

Is there any personal enmity of Phaneesh Murthy with any other personality of his profession?

Indian Express reported on Nov 07, 2012: The re-election of US President Barack Obama is not the best news for IT outsourcing industry, according to CEO of iGATE, Phaneesh Murthy.

"The concern over the deficit and jobs will continue (in the US) and in my mind, will force the sluggishness to remain in the economy," he said.

Obama today won a second term in office overcoming a stiff initial challenge from his Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Obama in this presidential elections campaign had criticized outsourcing of jobs to countries like India saying that US needs to create jobs locally.

The US and Europe account for over 80 per cent of revenues of the Indian IT industry.

Are there a conspiracy of anti-outsourcing lobby in America and any competitor of Phaneesh Murthy?

As happened in 2002

When you rise too high, a fall can cause a crash. In 2002, a sexual harassment case was filed against Murthy by his executive assistant Reka Maximovitch. He was dragged to the courts and stood accused of suppressing facts and misrepresenting them to the Infosys board of directors.

Murthy pleaded that he was innocent, a stand that he still maintains. The sales honcho, however, did not fight the case in court but agreed to a $3 million payout to Maximovitch. Murthy says he had his reasons for doing so. “Infosys wanted to settle the matter out of court. So the insurance agency said they wouldn’t finance me alone to fight the case,” he says. And since fighting court cases was an expensive affair in the US — and Murthy says he didn’t have that kind of money — he opted for an Infosys-funded out-of-court settlement

 As happened now in 2013:

Media reported on May 21, 2013: iGate Global Solutions has sacked its CEO Phaneesh Murthy over sexual harassment charges. This is the second time the IT industry veteran has been involved in a sex scandal.

“The board’s decision was made as a result of an investigation by outside legal counsel, engaged by the board, of the facts and circumstances surrounding a relationship Mr Murthy had with a subordinate employee and a claim of sexual harassment,” the statement said.
As Phaneesh Murthy pleaded in 2002, now again in a conference call with reporters, Phaneesh Murthy denied sexual harassment charges and said he would contest it in court if the employee files a lawsuit. Phaneesh Murthy also maintained that he had informed the company about his personal relationship with the subordinate employee, but the issue arose because of ‘timing.’
Sacked iGate CEO and President Phaneesh Murthy has denied the charges of sexual harassment against him and claimed that it was a case of extortion. In an audio conference he said that the all the charges against him were "completely false” and he had not violated any company policy.
"This is without doubt a case of extortion. The same lawyer who had represented the woman in 2002 is representing the woman this time as well. You can spot the difference," said former CEO of iGate.

Regarding his relationship with a female employee, he claimed that he had informed the company about it.

"There is no parallel between the 2002 sexual harassment case and this one," said Murthy.

Phaneesh Murthy has however, denied the charges. Stating that he has not violated any company policy, Murthy, said that the charges of sexual harassment against him are 'completely baseless'.

According to Phaneesh Murthy the charges were filed by Araceli Roiz a few days ago. "I am not certain if the employee will file harassment charges in court," Murthy said. "I will fight all harassment charges vigorously in court," he added.

Phaneesh Murthy is of the opinion that the case against him is an 'act of extortion'. Murthy said that he is unaware of the 'exact charges'. "I have not received the letter, only company has received the complaint," he said.

Phaneesh Murthy went on to say that he had informed iGate about his 'personal relations' with the employee in question. "If two people in a company have a relationship, the authorities must be informed," he said.

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