Crazy Funny Good Friday Messages | Good Friday Wishes in Telugu Malayalam Facebook Status messages | FB Holy Friday Status Scraps

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“My mother in law is getting buried today. Turns out it won’t be Good Friday after all, It will be a great one.”

“It’s sad that Americans get more excited about Black Friday than Good Friday; more interested in sales than the greatest gift.”

“TGIF….Thank God It’s Friday…..Please Do.”

“If Catholics call the day that Jesus died ‘Good’ Friday, then just imagine how ecstatic they’ll be when they find out that God doesn’t exist It’s Good Friday!”

“Well technically Friday is always good because it’s the start of the weekend.”

“Q: How do you get a nun pregnant on Good Friday? A: Dress her up as an altar boy.”

“Q: What day does an Easter egg hate the most? A: Good Fry-day.”

“It’s good friday. Good because 2000 years ago the events of today prove that we matter to God.”

“Good Friday or, as the Jewish like to call it ….. “We got him day”.”

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