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The 22-year-old victim and her colleague walked through the service track from Mahalaxmi station towards Shakti Mills around 5.30 pm for an assignment. The victim and her friend entered the mill compound from one of the two entry points. After entering the compound, the two started taking pictures of the deserted mill. Two of the five accused spotted them and approached the victim. They said that the compound was a restricted area and taking pictures required special permission. The two accused then took the victim inside the compound and started harassing her.

When her colleague protested, the accused slapped him several times and tied him to the branch of a tree. After securing her companion, the accused turned to the victim and threatened her with a broken alcohol bottle. They then went on to rape her in turns. After the monsters had raped the girl, they clicked her pictures on their phones and threatened to upload them on the Internet if she lodged a complaint against them.

Around 7 pm, the victim got up and helped release her colleague. They then called her office and informed them about the incident. The victim was bleeding profusely and was rushed to Jaslok Hospital by her colleague. The hospital authorities informed the NM Joshi police station about the incident around 8.30 pm. The police arrived at the hospital and recorded the statements of the victim and her colleague.

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