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Now assuming that your forgot your password for Income Tax E-filing site and you are properly logged in last year for filing in the same site.If you have or remember any of the following, the process becomes simple:
  • The answer to security question that you selected at the time of registration
  • Acknowledgement No. of the electronically filed Income Tax return for any previous year and 
  • Digital signature certificate if you had registered it with Income Tax E-filing website.
Procedural Steps:
1.Go to log in page of Income Tax India's e-filing website- here is the link-
2.Your PAN is the userid for e-filing website. So enter your PAN and click on forgot password

3.On clicking on the forgot password, a screen wil emerge asking to enter your user id ie. PAN and a captch code. Enter the same.

4.Now here select the appropriate option.
•When you select -Answer Secret question- You will be asked to enter your Date of Birth which should be as per your PAN, the secret question and its answer.
•When you select - Enter e-filed Acknowledgement Number and Bank Account Number- You need to select the Assessment Year for which e-filed acknowledgement number you are going to enter, then tha e-filed Acknowledgement Number which is given on your ITR V and the Bank Account Number which was entered in filing the Income Tax Return.
•When you select - Upload Digital Signature- You need to upload your digital signature.

Now what to do in the case when you do not member the secret question, you don't have e-filing acknowledgement number and also you had not registered your digital signature certificate:

Following procedure need to be followed:

1.Send an email to asking them to reset your password and providing the below mentioned details as per your PAN:

•Name as in PAN
•Date of Birth
•Father's Name
•Registered address of PAN

2.You will receive an email from the department.

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