Chennai CAN Water Strike Continues - Suppliers Strike | Latest News on Packaged Drinking water Supplier Strike | Price of Single Water Can in Chennai?

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President of Tamil Nadu Packaged Drinking Water Manufacturers’ Association K. Rajaram said, ‘The strike will continue until an amicable solution is found. It was not right on part of the board to equate the packaging companies with polluting units. The process of water purification has no discharge and hence does not pollute the environment. He said while the units had been functioning all along without any issues…The units on strike supply nearly 6 lakh cans on a daily basis in Chennai. If the TNPCB doesn’t offer a solution, Rajaram said other units across the State would join the strike, which could snowball into a major issue given that parts of the state are already facing drinking water shortage due to drought… They issued show cause notices to the units. The units have duly replied. But without any prior information, the units have been issued closure orders. We will challenge this in the Madras High Court.’

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