Biggest Real Megalodon Shark Tooth in Ancient World | Megalodon Teeth and Jaws from Ancient History | Gigantoraptor

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Like all sharks, most of megalodon's skeleton was made of cartilage (same material that is in our noses and ears) instead of bone.  That being said only fossils of its teeth, jaws, and a little of its backbone have ever been discovered.  Judging by the size of these fossils (Some of the teeth found are over seven inches long) this fish is estimated to have been over fifty feet long from nose to tail.  To put it into perspective that's the same size as a modern Humpback Whale.   It lived after the great extinction that killed off most of the dinosaurs and was actually alive much closer in time to us.  The youngest megalodon fossil is less than two million years old from the Plestiocene so it would have lived during the same time as many animals that are alive or similar to those that are alive today including early humans.

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