Wedding Night Wear for Honeymoon for Men and Women Latest Trendy Wedding Night Gown

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Many women have been dreaming of their wedding day since they were little girls. They imagine the perfect dress, the beautiful church, a Ken doll type groom and a party with all their friends and family afterwards.

The wedding day is traditionally the day your union is blessed by God and your relationship is consummated for the first time.

Nowadays of course, many couples have been living together for some time before the wedding takes place so the ‘consummation’ ship has already sailed. But this does not make the wedding night any less special or significant.

This is your first night as man and wife, you can celebrate your day in your own private way, in a beautiful bridal suite (or your own bedroom) and start your happily ever after with fireworks.

Where and Prepare

Take time to consider where you will be spending this special night. If you are at a hotel, are you able to ask your bridesmaids to prepare the room? Get them to sprinkle some rose petals on the bed and place some Chinese lanterns about the place to achieve a soft and sensual peach light.

Make sure the temperature is ambient and the room smells nice (scented candles are perfect for this). Smells are evocative and greatly contribute to the ambiance, so bear in mind how nice it will be to walk into a warm and sweet smelling room, filling your senses with an aroma that makes you feel relaxed and sensual.

The room is now ready for a night of intimacy. This is your night, the night that will always be remembered, so make it count.

Different Means Sexy

Your bridal lingerie should reflect the special nature of this night so be sure to spend some time shopping for the perfect sensual attire.

It may be a cliché but bridal lingerie tends to be predominantly white, and this is no bad thing. White lingerie looks stunning on all figures, enhances a tan and can also suggest innocence, which appeals to many men’s protective sides.

Only you know what sort of lingerie your man loves to see you wearing, but one thing we all learn at some point is that variety is the spice of life.

You’ve all seen the look in your lover’s eye when you rock up wearing a new dress, with a different hair colour or a new pair of French knickers. His eyes peruse the novelty, his eyebrows raise as he tries to establish what has changed and then the smile creeps across his face.

You want him to look at you that way as you prepare to spend your wedding night together so invest in some lingerie that he won’t forget.

Feel Good, Look Good

This night above all night you want to look and feel your best. You don’t want to be hobbling around wearing a constricting corset or scratchy fishnet stockings that keep slipping down.

A basque is a much better choice than a corset for wedding night attire, due to the fact that a corset can be both under and outerwear. You don’t want to wear something on your wedding night that could be either. Nightwear for his eyes only will do a wonderful job at reminding him that you are now his wife and that he is the lucky chosen one who gets to see you in these beautiful things.

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  1. Before we decide whether men should wear fashionable nightwear, we need to make sure that men's nightwear can look good? After all, how cool can pyjamas look? For many years the standard outfit has been the matching trouser and jacket, which looks like men are going to sleep in a rather untidy suit.

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