Delhi Gang Rape Victim Health Condition Latest News Live Online

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The victim 's platelets have increased to 61,000 per microlitre (normal platelet count is between 1.5 lakh-4.5 lakh per mcl) but her white blood cells have reduced to 1,500 against the normal value of 4,000-10,000 per mcl of blood.

"Psychiatrists' role is going to be important in another two to three days... Once she starts talking, her mental and psychological conditions will play a vital role in her recovery as this is one of the brutal rape cases we have ever seen," a senior doctor said.

"She has shown some signs of improvement and there are (also) some signs of deterioration. She is off the ventilator at the moment...," Dr B. D. Athani, medical superintendent of the hospital told media persons.

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