Rani Mukherjee Vs Vidya Balan - Locked in a Conversation

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Ever since the release of No One Killed Jessica, rumour mongers have been murmuring about a rivalry between Rani Mukerji and Vidya Balan. Although the two are cordial to each other in public, insiders say that Rani has been upset because Vidya ran away with all the accolades after the movie hit the screens! It was also reported that Rani was heard cursing Vidya at a film party when a DJ played the popular number Ooh la la from Vidya Balan’s The Dirty Picture.

It looks like Rani has finally got the chance to take a dig at Vidya, and she seems to be making the most of it. The item number from Rani’s latest film Aiyyaa, Dreamum Wakeupum strongly resembles Vidya’s item song Ooh la la from The Dirty Picture. And we spotted a number of similarities between the two songs too, especially the dance steps, the garish costumes and the funny South Indian vibe. The exception being that in Ooh la la, Naseeruddin Shah sported a paunch, while in Dreamum wakeupum Prithviraj displays a rocking six pack.

Dreamum wakeupum is funny and cheeky with words like thighsum thunderum and pumping thrown at you. Rani’s antics are super hilarious, though some steps could come across as a little vulgar. But who cares! It’s all in good fun! Anyway, we wonder if this track will manage to catch the fancy of the nation like the way Ooh la la did. Watch the song and tell us what you think, dear Bollywoodlifers

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