Mumbai School Girl Allegedly Raped for Sex by 49-Year Old

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After school officials refuse to let neighbour of 11-year-old student take her away for 'eye check-up' during school hours, girl reveals that man sexually abused her for 10 months.

The girl said she had suffered the torment for almost 10 months.

“Whenever her parents enquired about the reason for being late, the accused, who was known to the family, told them that she was playing computer games in his flat,” said Dr Vinda Bhuskute, the school counsellor. “The victim is not even able to properly recollect for how long she had been undergoing this.”

On Wednesday, Chavhan visited Arya Gurukul School and met the class teacher and insisted she give the girl a half-day so that she could be taken for an eye check-up.

“Despite telling Chavhan that the school is not supposed to hand over custody of a pupil to anyone except the parents, he kept insisting and arguing with the staff for long before leaving, and then returned the next day and argued with the school staff again,” said Malik. “Finally we approached the girl’s parents and informed them about the accused and found out that his claim was a lie.”

With the help of the school counsellor, the matter was referred to Aasra Childline in Kalyan and further investigations were sought in the matter. The Central police station in Ulhas Nagar was also contacted, and officials there registered a case of rape against Chavhan and arrested him.

“The accused is currently in police custody, and we have sent the girl for a medical examination and are waiting for the reports,” Senior Police Inspector Mahadev Pimpalkar of the Central police station said.

 The police said the accused had had a troubled marriage and was living separately from his wife, a schoolteacher. They added that Chavhan had a 15-year-old daughter and an 11-year-old son.

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